Colectiva Legal del Pueblo is a non-hierarchal collective organization founded for and by undocumented immigrants working to build community leadership and power for migrant justice through legal advocacy and education.


Colectiva Legal del Pueblo (CLP) was founded in November 2012 by a group of undocumented community organizers, activists and immigration attorneys. From it’s inception CLP envisioned a world in which migrant justice work is rooted in the right of free movement for all people regardless of borders. Towards this end, the legal collective dedicates itself to the abolition of migrant imprisonment and shutting down detention centers that profit off the separation of families and exploited labor.

What is a legal collective?

A legal collective is a horizontal organization that provides legal services to communities in need. CLP advocates on behalf of immigrants, lends legal support at protests and provides law-related workshops. Our collective works to empower people to know their rights and de-mystifying the legal process. We believe in a shared leadership model and consensus-based decision making that reflects our mission and values.

Meet our Staff

Sandy Restrepo, Executive Director and Immigration Attorney

Paula Martinez, Immigration Attorney

Alma Gutierrez, Director of Operations & Legal Advocate

Norma Gonzalez, Resource Development Director & Legal Advocate

Victoria Mena, Policy Director and Development Strategist

Get Involved

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