Trainings & Workshops

Colectiva Legal del Pueblo offers training and workshops to community organizations, non profits, and partners at a nominal fee so that we can provide free training, workshops, and support to grassroots groups throughout the state. It is always our intention to direct funds back to the immigrant communities we serve to reach a larger audience and encourage community mobilization.

The following is a list of workshops that we currently offer along with pricing information. Please see the sliding scale fees chart below for more options. Discounts are available for booking multiple workshops and trainings.

Collective Organizing 101

In addition to current events, and a history of immigration, Colectiva founders and organizers discuss the history and mission that drives the work of Colectiva Legal del Pueblo including the root causes of migration and systemic oppression. We discuss our non-hierarchical model and strategy for creating leadership and pursuing liberation within the immigrant community, using an empowerment model and collaborative approach. (1.5-3 hours) $300

Know Your Rights (KYR)

In this training we demystify the current immigration legal system, explain how to develop a family preparedness plan, gather relevant documents to fight a deportation case, and support a loved one in detention. We also discuss how to prepare for immigration raids and explain individual rights when approached, detained or incarcerated by police or immigration agents. (1.5-3 hours) $300

Train The Trainer

In this day long training, Service Providers will learn how best to support Immigrant Communities through understanding Immigrant Rights in Washington as well as how to develop a preparedness plan with individuals and families to protect against detention and deportation. We provide immigrant updates and the most updated resources. ( 4-6 hours) — please contact us for pricing.

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