Trainings and Workshops

Train the Trainer – Friday, July 7, 2017 

Service Providers will learn how best to support Immigrant Communities through understanding Immigrant Rights in Washington as well as how to develop a preparedness plan with individuals and families to protect against detention and deportation. Training provided by Colectiva Legal del Pueblo and sponsored by Goodwill Industries

Participantes aprenderán cómo apoyar a la comunidad inmigrante por medio de entender los derechos de inmigrantes en Washington y también como desarrollar un plan de preparación con individuos y familias para proteger contra detención y deportación. El entrenamiento será proveído por Colectiva Legal del Pueblo con el apoyo de Goodwill Industries.

Date: Friday, July 7th
Time: 12pm-3pm
Location: Seattle, WA

Fecha: viernes, 7 de julio
Hora: 5-8pm
Lugar: Seattle, WA



Colectiva Legal del Pueblo offers training and workshops to community organizations, non profits, and partners at a nominal fee so that we can provide free training, workshops, and support to grassroots groups throughout the state. It is always our intention to direct funds back to the immigrant communities we serve to reach a larger audience and encourage community mobilization.

The following is a list of workshops that we currently offer along with pricing information. Please see the sliding scale fees chart below for more options. Discounts are available for booking multiple workshops and trainings.

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Collective Organizing 101: In addition to current events, and a history of immigration, Colectiva founders and organizers discuss the history and mission that drives the work of Colectiva Legal del Pueblo including the root causes of migration and systemic oppression. We discuss our non-hierarchical model and strategy for creating leadership and pursuing liberation within the immigrant community, using an empowerment model and collaborative approach. (1.5-3 hours) $300


Know Your Rights (KYR): In this training we demystify the current immigration legal system, explain how to develop a family preparedness plan, gather relevant documents to fight a deportation case, and support a loved one in detention. We also discuss how to prepare for immigration raids and explain individual rights when approached, detained or incarcerated by police or immigration agents. (1.5-3 hours) $300

legal clinic

Large-scale Community Workshops: for workshops of over 50 people, we offer a comprehensive community workshop which includes Know Your Rights workshops and the following optional services provided at no cost to participants:

  • Legal Clinic– Participants are provided with 15-30 minute consultations with immigration attorneys to discuss options for adjusting status and answering general immigration questions.
  • Family Preparedness Planning– Participants meet with family law attorneys and/or trained advocates to discuss and gather documents necessary for family preparedness planning. Notaries are available to help with documents such as Temporary Child Custody Agreements.
  • Mental Health Services– families meet with trained mental health advocates to discuss their mental health needs and discuss the trauma of family separation and ways to cope with an anti-immigrant climate and child bullying.  
  • Child Care Services– while parents are participating in the various workshops, children will work with trained child therapists to learn techniques for coping with symptoms such as stress, anxiety or depression through play therapy.

Note: Large workshops require a 4 hour time block. All services are offered simultaneously in stations. We provide coordination and planning if necessary. (Price range is $1,000-$1,650 and depends on estimated number of participants.)


In an effort to equitably support communities across the state, we have devised this sliding scale fee guide for nonprofit organizations and businesses that may be in need of a price reduction:

Organization Size & Budget Discount
21+ employees or annual budget/income greater than $501k Full Price
16-20 employees or annual budget/income between $401k-500k, 25% off
10-15 employees or annual budget/income between $201k-$400K, 50% off
1-9 employees or annual budget/income between $100k-200k 75% off
Annual budget or income between $0-99k Donation

We strive to provide training and workshops to immigrant communities despite the cost. Please contact Norma, ( if you cannot meet these guidelines, and depending on the request, and our availability we may still be able to accommodate your request.

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If you would like information on workshops for non-Latino immigrant communities or trainings on how to be Ally for immigrant communities, please contact our community partners at the following agencies:

  • CARW– Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites
  • NWIRP– Northwest Immigrant Rights Project  
  • One America– Formerly HateFree Zone
  • CAIR– Coalition on American Islamic Relations
  • 21 Progress FAIR program- Fearless Asians for Immigration Reform